4th and Goal: One Mans Quest to Recapture His Dream

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Once players win this third match, Nef Anyo will relist Glast's brokers into the Index, allowing them to openly wager in the matches. Glast suggests that they use Nef Anyo's greed against him by subtly hustling him along their wagers, and that the Tenno not come on too strongly lest Nef Anyo backs out. Unlike in previous matches, players must keep their score within the point Margin, e. Should the player win with a score exceeding the point margin, Nef Anyo will back out. Nef Anyo backing out counts as a mission failure, and the player will lose their invested credits and receive no rewards if this happens.

When players successfully complete the fourth match, Nef Anyo will relent and put forth a trade where he will release the Triuna along with Neewa and the other prisoners if the Tenno win the next round, but if Glast loses then Nef Anyo will take all of his titles and holdings in return. Another inbox message will arrive for the player back on the Orbiter, containing another voice recording from Neewa. The message reveals that the Triuna is not an object, but Neewa herself, and that she contains powers kept hidden to keep her safe.

As players proceed through the match, however, they will suddenly experience inexplicable deaths whenever they try to deposit their earnings, prompting Glast to accuse Nef Anyo of cheating, who denies the accusations. Meanwhile, Lotus tells the player to continue with the match while she investigates the anomalies. As there is no way for the player to deposit Index points without dying during this mission, the mission will eventually end in defeat for the player after one round, with Nef Anyo proclaiming his victory over Glast.

Enemy Level: Tileset: Corpus Ship. Back in the Orbiter, Lotus confirms that Nef Anyo was indeed cheating during the match, and that she has managed to locate the systems responsible. In order to defeat Nef Anyo's traps, the Lotus assigns the Tenno to steal the control codes for his traps in order to render them unusable and thus give them a fair chance in the Index. On arrival, players must complete a Spy mission where two of the three data vaults must be successfully hacked.

Once a vault has been successfully hacked, the Lotus learns that what the Tenno managed to retrieve wasn't a control code, but a message from Neewa, which Lotus attempts to decode as the player continues on to the next vault. Players can proceed to extraction once all the vaults have been hacked, with at least two successful hacks. Back on the ship, the decoded message from Neewa has her mention a ritual called "The Passing" which involves the transferring of the Triuna to someone else.

When the Lotus asks Glast concerning what they found, he finally explains what the Triuna is: a genetic immunity to the Infestation, passed down from generation to generation of Myconians. It is revealed by the Lotus that the Infested fear hybrids, which Glast confirms is what allows the Myconians to harvest resources from the Infested peacefully.

When the Lotus learns that the Triuna will eventually kill its bearer, she expresses her shock at the practice, to which Glast counters that the bearers do it for the greater good. Glast challenges Nef to the Index one last time for Neewa and his holdings, but Nef refuses seeing as how Glast has nothing more to wager. It is then that Glast reveals the Myconian Old War relic to Nef to be his wager, explaining it to be a product of the Void which Nef would be interested in.

Awestruck by the relic, Nef Anyo accepts the wager for another Index match. This last Index match will proceed with the same rules as the first 3 matches, allowing players to earn Index points at their leisure. If the player manages to win this match, Nef Anyo demands a rematch, making lucrative offers to Glast as wagers, all of which are refused.

4th and Goal: One Man's Quest to Recapture His Dream by Monte Burke, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

On the ship, the Lotus hesitates to send Neewa back to her home due to her desire to cure the girl. This prompts an argument between the Lotus and Glast on Neewa's fate and what it could mean for the Myconians: healing Neewa will prolong her life but destroy the Myconian's way of life, while sending her home will allow the Myconians to live on with their traditions at the cost of Neewa's lifespan.

Put Munechika and Rulutieh in front and buff them up, then have your ranged attackers kill the enemies as they approach. After you've thinned out most of the smaller enemies and Haku's team have killed their large one, have everybody converge on the remaining boro-gigiri all at once. If you let them activate that, it will make them much harder to kill. Don't use ranged attacks on them if the forecast indicates that they'll use that; also, remember that enemies can't use counter skills in response to co-op attacks, so it's a good idea to let your ranged attackers get into overzeal and then just do co-op attacks without doing a final strike.

The Dream Arena is turning the difficulty up now. If you haven't had any trouble yet, you probably will now; this is a tough map that will take some strategy to beat, and you'll probably get destroyed the first time you try. You can only bring four allies, but what makes this map really tough is the two gutuardar at the bottom of the map. They're affected with Berserk and will immediately begin attacking each other. That's bad because when they fall unconscious, they'll get back up a round later, and every time they get up, they gain ten levels.

They're tough to begin with, and if you let them get back up more than a couple of times, they'll become impossible to defeat. The key is to get around the stage fast or go through Dekompopo fast enough to kill them before they're unstoppable. My favorite team to use here is Mikazuchi, Kuon, Nosuri, and Ougi. Surging Hearts I think that's the one that increases movement are also good on anybody, but particularly Nosuri since she can't move as fast as the others.

Mikazuchi should start off by using his self-buff, which significantly increases his movement, and Kuon should move as far as she can and then use Nuedori to give herself an extra turn and keep moving. They should attack enemies along the way and use their final strikes so that they can drop out of overzeal with zeal left over and repeat on the next round, but just keep moving past the enemies. Nosuri can kill any they leave behind and also attack any who stay up on the ledge.

Thanks to Ougi's shadow run, he can walk right through Dekompopo. He should attack him once, and if you get enough of his hidden crits, you can get his zeal over 50 in one attack. Then have him move down near the two demons, and wait for one of them to knock the other one out; then attack the one that's unconscious, get enough crits to put Ougi into overzeal, and use his final strike on it.

Hopefully that will be enough to kill one of them, and Ougi can head toward the stairs to meet Mikazuchi and Kuon, who will probably arrive at about the same time. The remaining one might kill Ougi, but it doesn't matter at this point as long as they're not killing each other any more. At this point you want to try to get everybody into overzeal so that you can knock the remaining one out and then use everybody's final strike on him at the same time, but even if everybody else is in a bad state, Mikazuchi can probably solo him.

The Extra Stages are a bit different from the other stages in the Dream Arena. You don't get to pick your party; you have pre-set characters at pre-set levels, and the goals are typically a bit different than usual. They're entertaining, but also usually pretty straightforward. There are three NPCs on this map you can't control who are technically allied units You need either the archer or the mage to reach the destination, but they'll stop to attack anyone or anything on the way.

So first you need to go kill the gaunji at the bottom of the map so that it doesn't kill both of them, then you have to make your way up to the top of the map and kill the gaunji there before they get to it, and then you need to get all of your units out of the way so they'll want by you. To make things more annoying, the gaunji have Harden, which will increase their DEF in response to ranged attacks, and the NPCs will gladly use ranged attacks on them. The tactics are pretty straightforward here, so this is more annoying than it is hard.

Remember that only one of those guys needs to reach the end, and Jammachiri doesn't need to survive at all, so consider letting the guanji kill them if it'll make the map easier for you. This fight starts off with just you vs. Tokifusa and a bunch of barriers between you. He hits hard and can take two attacks per turn, but otherwise there's nothing special here.

One thing to note is that you can skip the second phase of the fight if you can take him from over half his health to 0 in a single turn. After a few stages that weren't so bad, this one raises the difficulty level again. You've got to fight Shis, three of the yatanawarabe, and a few mooks, and the yatanawarabe all have Contract's Seal and can't be killed unless you lure them across the map to a designated area.

Their abilities are the same as they've always been, but they're fast and strong, and fighting all of them at once is a good way to lose. You'll want to try to lure them out one at a time; deal with Shis first, since you can actually kill her, and then try to get the others into the target zone one at a time and kill them.

Shyasurika is probably the easiest one to isolate since he's the fastest and has the highest movement. There's also another strategy you can take. The secret to this fight, like DA 3, is Ougi. You may not have noticed before, but the Daze status effect doesn't just cause a target to lose their next turn; it also nullifies all of their abilities, and that includes Contract's Seal.

The first hit of Ougi's Unjoh Ryuhen can inflict Daze, so if you can get that on them, you can kill them even when they're not next to Woshis. Atuy's counter can also Daze, but it's more difficult and a bit riskier to get her in position to counter. Whenever one of them is moderately hurt, try to have Ougi Daze them -- remember that he has a higher chance of inflicting status effects from behind -- and then finish them off.

This is an amusing stage. It might seem tough at first, but it's not, really; after you level Kimahaku up enough, he gets an ability that causes him and his allies to do much more damage. Just make sure you survive and keep leveling him up until then. This is a tough stage; you don't have to kill anything, you just have to get Oshtor to the end, but Oshtor starts off separated from the group and there are a lot of tough enemies on the way there.

What makes this even tougher than it appears at first glance is that the Tatari Unkami and the Noroi both have Contract's Seal , which means they can't be killed. The Noroi is also very strong and inflicts Hex on units next to him at the beginning of his turn, which, if you'll recall, prevents you from gaining HP or Zeal, and it can't be cured and he also has Eye of the Fighter II to make it hard for units to get away from him. Unfortunately, this time you can't have Ougi Daze the Noroi so that you can kill it because it has an Antidaze II codex equipped, and it doesn't count as male, so Fumirul can't lock it down diagonally.

Try to put Slow or Move Down on him so he can't get very far. Fortunately, you can Daze the Tatari Unkami. It's a good idea to give Oshtor a Soaring Heart on this stage so he can jump over the barrier in the middle rather than going around.

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Anything else that increases his movement and defense is good, too, because he really just needs to get to the end as quickly as possible. You'll want to have a few of your characters push forward through the Tatari to make a path for him, but you'll also want somebody else to stay behind and keep the Noroi from catching up to him. This stage isn't hard, you just have to stop a bunch of normal enemies from getting to the target area. Put a bunch of people with Zones of Control in front and mow them down.

The only catch is that after you've defeated the initial wave of enemies, more will appear; if you moved most of your units away from the base to take care of the ones on the far side of the map, you might not be able to get back in time to stop them. This isn't a problem if you leave a good number of units near the base.

4th and Goal: One Man's Quest to Recapture His Dream

The map is almost the same as Stage 5: Path of Carnage , which is kind of disappointing. It's got tougher enemies, but that's about all. This shouldn't be a problem for you at this point. There's one part which might catch you off guard; there's a point where you have to fight several books, and there's a particular one you need to kill to advance to the next part. After you kill that one, Munechika will apear and begin chasing you, and if she catches you, you'll lose. It's tempting to just kill every book, but you actually want to leave several of them alive to distance Munechika on her way after you.

Similar to Party Fouled, you need to stop the enemies from reaching their destination, but this time the enemies are actually pretty tough.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth – FAQ/Strategy Guide

You'll want to set up people with ZoCs to stop them from reaching those areas, but you'll also need to make sure to keep your tanks buffed and healed, because otherwise they'll go down quickly. It's actually a good idea to spread out your units here. After you've defeated several enemies and several turns have passed, reinforcements will arrive.

The squares the reinforcements arrive at will begin glowing just a couple of turns before they appear, and if you can position one of your units on top of a glowing square, that will prevent that reinforcement from appearing. This is a good, old-fashioned fight against a single boss. It's got a lot of HP and DEF, and the most annoying thing is that after it's about halfway down, it will run away from you and heal itself, and that's very tough to deal with since it has a whopping Move of 8, ignores ZoCs, and can fly over your units. It's also pretty fast and has Quick Rebound, so don't waste your time making weak attacks against it; you'll just give it more turns.

Because that's not enough, it can also Taunt male units that are adjacent to it, so you'll want to rely on ranged and female units here. The best way to deal with that is to stack Slow and Move Down on it, and also try to keep it Cursed so that it can't heal even when it does get away from you. Try to save your zeal so that after its HP has dropped, you can have several units Final Strike it all at once in order to finish it off.

Also note that you can farm this stage for Nature's Union s. Because that's not good enough, the Sprinting Stance is also an amazing accessory that is unlike anything else you've gotten so far. It allows a unit to move twice in one round if they don't attack, or it allows them to move once before using an ability that is normally marked as "No MOV.

It's a shame that you can only get one of these per playthrough. If you're still having trouble with it, this is also an ideal situation to use the Fumirul loop. This stage is a big step up in difficulty from previous ones. Jason promised her, that he would marry her when he returned to Greece. Together with Orpheus , who played the lyre, Medea administered sleeping herb to the dragon. As the dragon slept, Jason took the Golden Fleece from the tree.


According to Pindar's ode, Jason had killed the dragon, while the historian Diodorus Siculus says that Medea had used poison to kill the dragon. Jason then escaped with Medea to the ship with the Fleece, where they sailed down the river towards the open sea. There are several versions of what happen next. The other two versions involved with Apsyrtus, Medea's brother. In one, Apsyrtus was one of the pursuers, who managed to block of the Argonauts' escape somewhere in Danube River. Apsyrtus agreed to meet with Jason, only to be treacherously murdered by either Jason or his own sister.

In the other version, Apsyrtus was only a child and was in the Argo with his sister. In both versions, Medea cut up her brother's body, and threw them in the river. Valerius Flaccus ended his version with the marriage of Jason and Medea and with the pursuit and death of Apsyrtus, largely because his epic was unfinished.

Hyginus, on the other hand, went from the murder of Apsyrtus, straight to the murder of Pelias in Iolcus. Somehow they reach the Adriatic Sea. Argo was driven off-course by a storm, sent by Zeus, because of the murder of Apsyrtus. The ship informed Jason that the only way to appease Zeus was to be purified by Circe. There they were purified for murder of Apsyrtus. When Circe learned that Medea had betrayed her father, she asked them to leave.

They then came across the home of Sirens , who song would lure sailors to their destruction. Butes threw himself into the sea, and swam towards the rocks where the Sirens sang. Butes would have died had Aphrodite not taken pity on the hero and spirited him away. Aphrodite had a son by Butes, named Eryx. Scylla was former a maiden that Circe had transformed into a six-headed monster. It resided one side of the Strait of Messina.

On the other side was Charybdis, a destructive whirlpool. The Colchians who were still pursuing the Argonauts, the fugitives appealed to the Phaeacians. Arete agreed to help them if Medea was lawfully married to Jason. At night, the Argonauts quickly married Medea to Jason.

Apollodorus does record these events and what happened to the Argonauts in Circe's island and then on the Phaeacian island of Alcinous, and that of Crete , but nothing was mention of the next article when the Argo was stranded in Libya. After leaving Drepane, the Argo was driven by strong wind, until they were stranded in the middle of the Libyan Desert. They were forced to portage the ship to Lake Tritonis.

There they come across the nymphs from the garden of Hesperides , who helped them find water. The water at Lake Tritonis was unsuitable for drinking, because it was too salty. The Hesperides told them a man who had killed the dragon that guarded golden apples, and stole them. They told them also that this same man kicked a rock where a spring of water gushed from the ground. Not only did the Argonauts go to find the water, but also they also went looking for the man whom they believed to be none other than Heracles. They found out that Heracles was too far away to help them.

One of the Argonauts named Canthus who went to search for Heracles was killed by Libyan shepherd, for trying to steal his sheep. The Argonauts killed the shepherd and took his herd back to the ship. Another seer named Mopsus died from poisoned snakebite. The Argonauts had no idea of how to move their ship from the lake to the sea. They decided to offer a sacred bronze tripod to whatever god of Libya.

A god disguised as a mortal offered them a clod of earth. The swiftest runner of the Argonauts named Euphemus gratefully accepted them and asked the god how to reach the sea. The god gave them instruction and left. Leaving the tripod behind they set about following the instruction. When the Argonauts looked behind them they saw the god took the tripod and disappeared into the lake. Realising that they witnessed the god, who happened to be Triton , they sacrificed to sea god, who reappeared and pushed their ship safely back to the sea.

No other authors wrote anything about the Argonauts' adventure in Libya. Apollodorus, Valerius Flaccus and Hyginus make no mention of Libya, so it would seem that this is purely Apollonius' invention. The Argonauts sailed until they reached Crete. They tried to land on the island but a bronze giant called Talus , blocked them hurling large boulder at their ship. Talus was the last of man of the ancient bronze race. Medea cast a powerful spell, which caused the giant to drop a boulder on his only weakness, a vein at the back of his ankle. His blood or ichor gushed out from his vein until Talus died.

When they left Crete, and went to another island called Anaphe, or Revelation. When they left this island in the morning, Euphemus recalled a dream or vision, where he was holding the clod of earth to his breast, which the god Triton had given to him in Libya see Stranded in Libya. The clod of earth suckled milk from his breast, which caused the clod of earth to transform into a woman.

Euphemus made love to this woman. When Euphemus felt remorse, the nymph comforted him, telling him that she was the daughter of Triton and Libya. She was only known as Nurse of his children. She instructed him what to do with clod of earth. He was to give her a new home, near Anaphe. She would then be become mother of his children, where his descendants would live on this island. When Euphemus told Jason about his vision, the captain of Argo interpreted the dream. Jason replied that his friend must throw the clod of earth into the sea, where a new island would form.

So once the Argo was out to sea, away from the island of Anaphe, Euphemus threw the clod of earth into the sea, where it sank to the bottom, on the seabed. Then an island immediately grew from the depth of the sea. It was called Calliste, which Euphemus' descendants would live. Apollonius then wrote that the Tyrrhenians would drive Euphemus' descendants out of the island of Lemnos. They would find a new home in Sparta, but would later migrate to the island of Calliste. Their leader was Theras, son of Autesion. Theras would rename the island after his own name, so the island was called Thera.

Apollodorus give a different account of how they reached the island of Anaphe. Another violent storm at sea was threatening to destroy the ship Argo. Apollo on his own initiative shot his arrow from the top of Melantian Rocks. The silver arrow flashes like lightning. From this unexpected light, they sighted the island, which the Argonauts found save harbor until the storm passed. The Argonauts named the island, Anaphe. In Apollo's honor, they erected an altar to the archer-god, calling him Radiant Apollo, and sacrificed some animals to him.

Medea had twelve handmaidens to serve her, a gift from Arete.

4th and Goal: One Man's Quest to Recapture His Dream

These 12 maidens started a new custom, where women can tell jokes during the sacrifices; the maidens told jokes at the expenses of the heroes. Apollonius ended the Argonautica at this point, once the Argonauts reached the island of Aegina, and then a quick uneventful journey to Iolcus. Here, we have to rely on other classical sources to continue. To read about what happened to Jason and Medea when they reached Pelias' palace in Iolcus, then it would be best to read the last article, which is titled the Death of King Pelias.

There are many scattered references about the Argonauts, but very few authors tell the complete tale about Jason's quest.

Dream Arena Battles

Homer had only made passing reference to Jason, whose ship was to the first to pass safely through the Scylla and Charybdis. Circe told Odysseus:. Some of the events can be recognised, while other events showed different variations to those told by Apollonius. In the Library , Apollodorus followed more or less along the line of Apollonius' epic, but in his usual compact and concise manner.

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Apollodorus give us other accounts of Athamas and Pelias before the Quest and the death of Pelias after the completion of the Quest, as well what happened to Jason and Medea. Hyginus' Fabulae also followed the similar line to that of Apollonius and Apollodorus, though it was written in rather confusing fashion. So far, I have not found. Diodorus Siculus' account was quite a different in many aspects to that told by all the other writers. Note that there are two other versions about the Argonauts, but so far I have not found a copy of these two works.

One was written by the Roman author, Valerius Flaccus. The great lyric poet, Pindar, had written the oldest extant account about Jason and the Argonauts in his ode, Pythian IV. Pindar lived in the second half of the 5th century BC. Apollonius had obviously used much of Pindar's poem as his source for the Argonautica , but there is not much description about their journey, anyway. The ode begins with Euryplus of Thera, son of Poseidon, a descendant of the hero and Argonaut, Euphemus.

Euphemus had received a clod of earth from a Libyan sea god, as indication that he would rule Africa, within four generations, when Euphemus planted the holy soil in the cave of Tainaros. Instead the clod of earth got washed overboard the Argo from the waves and sank to the bottom of the sea, so the prophecy was delayed from fulfilment, until that of Battus. The account about the Quest doesn't begin until the poet talk about the prophecy, where Pelias must die at the hand of the descendant of Aeolus, a young man with one sandal. This young hero did arrive with one sandal, and Pindar gives us an interesting description of what he look like.

The hero was young, muscular and long-limbed, and with bright coloured locks of long hair. The stranger wore a cloak made of leopard hide, and armed with two deadly spears.