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Soon after I published this article in , Facebook released the Split Test feature in Ads Manager that helps you to quickly set up a multi-cell split test option 2. Use the single ad set option when launching a set of completely new ad creatives to a new audience to quickly learn what works. That is the best option for getting relevant experiment results. The best way to guarantee the quality of your Facebook ad test results is to use a calculator, a very specific kind of calculator.

Instead of website visitors, enter the no. Instead of web conversions, enter the no. Tip: Wait at least 72h after publishing before evaluating your split test results. Average Cost-per-conversion x No. If one of your test variations is outperforming others by a mile, you can conclude the experiment sooner. You should still wait for at least 50 conversions on each variation. Cost-per-conversion is your single most important ad metric as it tells you how much it costs you to turn a person into a lead or customer. And most of the time, increasing sales is the ultimate goal in your Facebook ad strategy.

And, finally, keep some tests running all the time.

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A/B Testing Mastery: From Beginner to Pro in a Blog Post

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B Corp Directory. Louis St. Business Culture Has Shifted. One typically does not expect innovation to be announced in an annual financial report.

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The landscape of American corporations is changing. Version 6 of the B Impact Assessment is now live!

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