An Atlas Illustrating the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles

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Pfitzner This commentary for students of theology includes introduction, commentary, annotated bibliography, and selective index. The New Revised Standard Version is the principal translation. The epistle to the Hebrews is a sermon of the sort preached in the earliest Christian doctrines.

The preacher is addressing an urgent problem, one that is still common today, the congregation is exhausted; it has gone through great distress; and it is having difficulty holding on to its faith. Years ago a movement was begun with the dream of uniting all Christians on the basis of a common purpose world evangelism under a common authority The Word of God. The College Press NIV Commentary Series is a serious effort to join the scholarship of two branches of this unity movement so as to speak with one voice concerning the Word of God.

Our desire is to provide a resource for your study of the New Testament that will benefit you whether you are preparing a Bible School lesson, a sermon, a college course or your own personal devotions.

Today as we survey the wreckage of a broken world, we must turn again to the Lord and his Word, unite under his banner and communicate the life-giving message to those who are in desperate need. This is our purpose. During the early days of the church, believers of all backgrounds were subject to persecution and pressure to renounce their faith. Jewish believers were vulnerable to doubts about Christ and to thinking about turning back to their familiar rituals and old way of thinking. The Epistle to the Hebrews was written to convince these Jewish Christians of the sufficiency and superiority of Christ over everything in Judaism, to warn them of the danger of drifting away from Christ, and to exhort them to faithfulness.

Acknowledging that the jury is still out on such basic matters as who wrote the Book of Hebrews and for whom it was written, William Lane humbly but forcefully sets his ideas alongside those of other writers and scholars. This commentary is a nice combination of technical comment and thoughtful theology. Epistle of James. The book of James deals with belief and practice and the connection that must take place bewteen the two. Nystrom takes the truths of James and then relates them to the low information-action ratio prevalent today.

This new and unique series shows readers how to bring an ancient message into a modern context. It explains not only what the Bible meant but also how it can speak powerfully today. The John Phillips Commentary Series is designed to provide pastors, Sunday school teachers, and students of the Scripture with doctrinally sound interpretaion that emphasizes the practical application of Bible truth. Working from the familiar King James Version, Dr. Phillips not only provides helpful commentary on the text, but also includes detailed outlines and numerous illustrations and quotations.

Even now, decades or centuries later, the brilliance of men like Calvin, Hodge and Spurgeon still speaks through the Crossway Classic Commentaries, which present the all-time best, written commentaries on individual books of the Bible. Packer and Mister McGrath, while carefully preserving the meaning and message of the original expositors. In this thorough exegesis of his own working translation, Adamson combats some prevalent notions and corrects misunderstandings of the nature of this unique epistle, which, he says, cannot really be understood apart from the whole context of the New Testament.

Codex Sinaiticus

The NICNT series has become recognized by pastors, students and scholars alike as a critical yet orthodox commentary marked by solid biblical scholarship within the evangelical Protestant tradition. James B.

The Acts of the Apostles 25 The Thessalonian Letters

Adamson studied at the University of Edinburgh and in was awarded the Ph. Academic and accessible, scholarly and sensitive. Carefully charting the verbal structures and argument of the letter, he demonstrates that it is a coherent piece of moral teaching intended to encourage the development of Christian character, not just a collection of disparate maxims.

There is no more practical book in the New Testament than James. No commentary drives home the significance of these instructions better than Dr. He has offered Bible students a thought-provoking and compelling examination of this wonderfully unsettling book.

Epistles of Peter with Jude. Based on the widely used New International Version transla tion, this commentary presents careful section-by-section exposition with key terms and phrases highlighted and all Greek transliterated.

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A separate section of notes at the close of each chapter provides additional textual and technical comments. Included is also a selected bibliography as well as Scripture and subject indexes. Thomas Schreiner, an articulate and highly respected biblical scholar and theologian, guides the reader carefully through these practical, yet profound epistles.

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  3. The Path of Daggers (The Wheel of Time, Book 8);

We were chosen not only for salvation but also for obedience. Too often our churches suffer from moral breakdown and a false view of tolerance. Christians often avoid any word of criticism or judgment because they fear that strong words compromise love. We learn from these epistles that love manifests itself in godly living and that right doctrine must be matched by Christlike lives.

The Holy One calls us to be holy as well. Thomas R. Schreiner Ph. Besides many articles, Dr. Schreiner has written a commentary on Romans and several books on New Testament theology.

Acts Commentaries & Sermons | Precept Austin

This volume is dedicated to the study of three late, little-known biblical works that historically have been relegated to the lesser works of the New Testaments. Reading 1 Peter, Jude, and 2 Peter underscores the light that these letters shed upon one another and focuses on the snapshots they provide of early Christian communities as they encountered the social and religious environment in which they were situated.

First Epistle of Peter. Intellectually stimulating and personally relevant, this insightful series is ideal for pastors, teachers, and laypeople alike.

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With practical illustrations and clear verse-by verse exposition, MacArthur avoids becoming overly technical, even while tackling problematic topics such as the role of women, the ministry of spiritual gifts, and the rapture. Using a dispensationalist approach, his purpose is to provide life applications. The Original Meaning section helps you understand the meaning of the biblical text in its first-century context. Bridging Contexts builds a bridge between the world of the Bible and the world today, between the original context, by focusing on both the timely and timeless aspects of the text.

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The Contemporary Significance section allows the biblical message to speak with as much power today as it did when it was first written. The commentary follows the familiar, usable WBC format.

General Epistles (NT)

Offering a unique perspective on the social and cultural formation of Christianity, 1 Peter stands as one of the most significant documents of the early church. Boring This commentary for students of theology includes introduction, commentary, annotated bibliography, and selective index. Second Peter and Jude. This verse by verse commentary discusses each passage in three sections: Original Meaning, Bridging Contexts, and Contemporary Significance. This commentary on Jude and the letters of Peter is written with scholarly and technical expertise by Richard Bauckham. The work includes an introduction to each book, discussing the origin, authorship, and linguistics.

The commentary then outlines each letter. This work goes on to analyze the epistles verse by verse, drawing out the theological themes and statements. This is a good text for any scholar interested in these epistles. Epistles of John. Earl F. Palmer offers this commentary on 1, 2, 3 John bringing a fresh and exciting portrayal of the meaning of truth and love found in the letters. He also treats Revelation displaying its supremacy as a book about the lordship of Christ. Author Tom Johnson combines familiarity with recent scholar ship and lucidity of thought and expression into a fine and readable commentary on the espistles of John.

While packed full of exegetical, philosophical and historical notes that help the reader to make sense of the argument and thought of the epistles in their original setting, the commentary is not overloaded with the freight of technical jargon and debate. Johnson deftly leads the reader through difficult passages, but provides plenty to chew on in the process. The student who wants a reliable guide to the thought of the epistles will be well served by this volume. Most Bible commentaries take us on a one way trip from the twentieth century to the first century.

But they leave us there, assuming that we can somehow make the return journey on our own.

The information they offer is valuable—but the job is only half done! It explains not only what the Bible meant but also it can speak powerfully today. The Letters of John, commented on by John R. Stott in volume 19 of the Tyndale New Testament Commentaries, has been revised after almost 25 years since its original publication. This revised edition is based on the NIV. The author has clarified the obscurities, modernized the phraseology, eliminated what seemed repetitious, expanded what was too compressed, and added more contemporary application. This also makes use of the current literature which has appeared on the Johannine epistles since the first edition appeared.

The result is a commentary which is up to date in its scholarship and its applicability. The Word Biblical Commentary is a scholarly analysis of the scriptures. This volume on John by Stephen Smalley begins with an introductory section which discusses the date, occasion, structure, text and theological elements of the books. The commentary then looks at each of these epistles and draws out their message and structure. The Church 1 The Church 2 The Coming of Jesus Christ The Four Lists of the Apostles The Garden Tomb The Genealogy of Jesus Christ The Growth of the Lord's Church The Healing Miracles of Jesus The Herodian Family The Herods 1 The Herods 2 The Herods 3 The Holy Spirit The Jewish Calendar The Jewish Day The Letter of Pontius Pilate to the Emperor The Miracles of Jesus The Model Prayer of Jesus The Nature Miracles of Jesus The New Testament Library The Parables--Classifications and Lessons The Parables of Jesus The Person of the Holy Spirit The Resurrection Miracles of Jesus The Roman Procurators of Judea The Sanhedrin - Part One The Sanhedrin - Part Two The Sanhedrin - Part Three The Seven Churches of Asia The Seven "Ones" of Ephesians 4 The Twelve Caesars The Two Greatest Commandments Three Great Warnings From God Time-Frames In Paul's Life Weights and Measures: Dry Measures Weights and Measures: Greek and Roman Money Weights and Measures: Hebrew Money Weights and Measures: Length Weights and Measures: Liquid Measures Weights and Measures: Weights What Jesus Said About Satan What Josephus Said About Christ What Napoleon Said About Christ Works of The Flesh A Chart About Nothing A Futile Sacrifice A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ A Light To Share A Study of the New Birth Abraham, Friend of God Abraham's Surrender - Part One Abraham's Surrender - Part Two Adam and Eve Still Speak Today An Interview In Hell And He Closed The Book An Audience That Was Ideal And Then They Crucified Him Any of This Way Are All Religious People Christians?

Are You Able? As The Manner of Some Is At Ease In Zion Attitudes Needed In Congregational Work 1 Attitudes Needed In Congregational Work 2 Attitudes Needed In Congregational Work 3 Attitudes Needed In Congregational Work 4 Attitudes Toward Sin and Error Baptism: Before and After Baptism Keeps Good Company Baptized Into Jesus Christ Be A Daily Bible Reader Be A Positive Person Be Thankful 1 Be Thankful 2 Be Thou Faithful Bearing The Marks of the Lord Jesus Beware of Religious Counterfeits B-I-B-L-E Bible Baptism 1 Bible Baptism 2 Bible Baptism 3 Biblical Things That Last Birth Announcement Boast Not of Tomorrow Builders With The Lord But Judge Righteous Judgment But One Thing Is Needful But Satan Hindered Us But They Made Light of It But We See Jesus Can You Prove Your Religion?

Cart Before The Horse Religion Characteristics of Wisdom 1 Characteristics of Wisdom 2 Christ and The Brazen Serpent Christ Gave His All Christ Is Christ Is Indispensable 1 Christ Is Indispensable 2 Christ Is The Answer 1 Christ Is The Answer 2 Christ Is The Answer 3 Christ Sets Us Free Christ Was Christ The Great Divider Christianity May Appear Detestable When Christians Are Churches Ought To Be Big Conquer With God's Word Corrupt Seed and Hybrid Results Dangers That Ever Confront Christians Dangers To Avoid As Parents Doctrines Defeated By Agrippa's Statement Don't Give Satan The Advantage Eight Things About Jonah Envy Is Destructive Essentials of A Happy Home 1 Essentials of A Happy Home 2 Establishment of God's Kingdom Examination Time Examine Yourself False Prophets Are False Prophets Fellowship In Christ Fishers of Men Fit For The Kingdom of God Five First Steps To Success Forgiveness: God's Will For Us Forgiveness Is Available Four Baptisms Now Just One Four Cries of The Prodigal Son Four Things About Worry Freedom From Self Prisons Friendship Fruitlessness Furniture For Our House 1 Furniture For Our House 2 Give Us An Understanding Heart Giving Purposefully Goals For Today 1 Goals For Today 2 God Has God's Call God's Nobility God's Rights Having Been Taught, Then What?

Heaven: It's Names Hiding From God Hindrances To Prayer Hindrances To Spiritual Growth Honor To Whom Honor Hope How Christians Should Dress 1 How Christians Should Dress 2 How Quick Are You? How To Approach Erring Brethren How To Avoid Worldliness How To Be Faithful How To Face Evil How To Glorify God How To Miss Jesus If Any Man Be in Christ If God Expects Instant Growth If I Were An Infidel In A Far Country In The Beginning God In Times of Temptation Is The Church Over-Emphasized?

Is Your God Too Small? Israel's Condition In Jeremiah 50 Israel's Destitution In Lamentations 1 Jesus Is Calling You Jesus Is The Son of God Jesus Is Truly A King 1 Jesus Is Truly A King 2 Jesus Is Truly A King 3 Jesus Saw A Man Keys To Victorious Living 1 Keys To Victorious Living 2 Kindness Know This About God Light Lion Alert Lives That Lift Others Up Living Epistles Longsuffering: A Neglected Principle Love's Labor Is Not Lost Loving The Church Mark Well Her Bulwarks May I Help You Mission NOT Impossible Monuments to the Resurrection of Christ New and Wonderful Things No Other On His Way Rejoicing.

Our God Is Real! Paradoxes of the Cross Parents Have Responsibilities Paul Was Indeed a Christian Paul's Action In Acts 27 Pollution, A Grave Concern Prayers Can Be Wasted Precious Blood Pre-Millennialism Defies Truth Proper Conduct To The End 1 Proper Conduct To The End 2 Purpose and Place of the Sabbath Religious But Not Righteous Remember Lot's Wife Respect, A Crying Need Responsibilities In The Book of Jude Results of Worry Right Can Be Wrong Righteousness Exalts A Nation Roots of Bitterness Rules For A Happy Marriage Salvation Searching For True Security See With The Eye of Faith Seed of The Kingdom Serving The Lord With Humility Seven Bible Choices Seven Bible Commands Seven Dynamics of Hope Seven Eternal Things Seven Sayings From The Cross Seven Walks In Ephesians Sin Is No Bargain Sins Around The Cross Six Things Every Christian Has Some Evils To Avoid 1 Some Evils To Avoid 2 Some Precious Things Some Things Christians Have Some Things Jesus Never Did Some Things To Deny Some Things To Keep Some Things To Learn 1 Some Things To Learn 2 Some Thoughts Concerning Heaven Some Will Not Believe Except… Some Wrong Kind of Givers in the Church Son, Remember… Spiritual Life Six Spiritual States 1 Six Spiritual States 2 Stick-To-It-Tiveness 1 Stick-To-It-Tiveness 2 Take Heed Unto Yourself Take Heed Unto The Doctrine Temporal Things Will Not Last Ten Evidences of Conversion That They Go Forward That You May Be Sincere The Anatomy of Sin — Part One The Anatomy of Sin — Part Two The Ark And The Church The Bible Is … The Bible Versus Evolution The Blind Man The Boomerang of Sin 1 The Boomerang of Sin 2 The Boundlessness of God The Christian Is Rich The Christian Under Pressure The Christian Walk The Church—The Called Out The Conversion of Saul The Cross of Christian Discipleship The Cure For Guilt The Day of Accounting The Effect of You Absence The Faith of Abraham The Fear of Criticism The Fleshly Tabernacle…The Body 1 The Fleshly Tabernacle…The Body 2 The Gospel Is Worth Sharing The Healthy Family The Kind of Church God Wants The Local Church And I The Lost Bible The Love of God Is… The Meaning of Grace And Faith The Message of Christ The Misunderstood Memorial The Nails of The Cross 1 The Nails of The Cross 2 The New Birth The Old Rugged Cross Remembered The One Baptism of Ephesians Four The Platform of Christian Unity The Power of Suggestion The Powerless Staff The Results of Bible Study 1 The Results of Bible Study 2 The Seat of The Scornful The Singularity of Sin The Soul of Man — Part One The Soul of Man — Part Two The State of Religious Interest The Tears of Our Lord The Thief on the Cross The Two Covenants Contrasted The Unknown God of the Athenians The Voice of the Blood The Whole Armor of God The Wise Student There Is Power In Sentiment They Think It Strange Things I Fail To Understand Things To Recognize About Wealth Thinking Too Highly of Ourselves Three Great Questions To Answer True Freedom In Christ Truth and Consequences Twelve Exercises Nobody Needs Twelve Views of the Cross Two Divine Institutions Two Viewpoints of Sin Unexpected Blessings Unto What Were You Baptized?

Victories In Jesus Viewing Baptism Positively and Negatively Wanted: Preachers Like The Prophets 1 Wanted: Preachers Like The Prophets 2 We Are Cleansed Were You Thankful At Thanksgiving? What About Your Soul? What Does The Bible Do? What God Has Joined Together What Is Spiritual Maturity? What The Blood of Christ Does What The Cross Reveals What The Lord Requires of Us What Time Is It? What We Ought To Be When I Die When Jesus Returns