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Binmore, K. July , Human Trafficking 1st ed. Media Research Users Council. Retrieved 12 September World Bank Report Retrieved 6 September Xavier, L. India at Wikipedia's sister projects. India topics. Colonial Princely. East North Northeast South West. In comes Liam Plunkett. That's another wicket for Shami and he's on a hat trick.

S tokes and Woakes are going after Bumrah now, not exactly in control, however, and it is risky. Woakes just about keeps out a yorker, then loftily chips one to square leg, but it is short of the fielder. He then finds the gap in the same area, and cashes in with a four. T hat over brought the up for England, but the wicket of Buttler might be costly. He had hit Shami for a large six beforehand, however, and Stokes decided to get after him too.

Bumrah is bowling so well. B uttler has been clubbing Shami about in this over, but he top edges a short delivery that is launched miles into the sky, but it is straight up and down. Shami needs two attempts to take it, but he eventually does and that's the end of a swift, powerful spell from Buttler.

And in comes Woakes. B uttler and Stokes are running well , but Bumrah follows up some good running with an unplayable dipping, slower yorker - Stokes does well to just block it. Stokes swipes at a short one - he is convinced it's a wide but umpire Dharmasena does not agree. Just four from the over, there, as Bumrah ends with a yorker that only narrowly misses Buttler's off stump. S tokes pushes hard for a single and then it's Shami to Buttler.

There is a run out chance but it had to be a direct hit and Bumrah could not manage it. And then it's delightful from Buttler; a short ball pulled over mid-wicket for six -it was only his second ball! A misfield at long on from Kohli results in England running three. Stokes clubs the final ball to long off and that's his half century. And it might be a vital one, too. R oot has attempted a bizarre shot here. He was examining the field meticulously before this shot, so I have no idea why he thought an over-the-shoulder scoop straight to the fielder at deep fine leg was a good idea.

It was another simple catch. However, Buttler will get six overs. We have Buttler and Stokes against Shami and Bumrah. This is what we came for - hold on to your hats, folks. P andya opens with a pretty ropey full toss, but root can only manage a single. However, that gets Stokes back on strike - Pandya attempts the yorker but it's another full toss that Stokes clubs away to deep mid-wicket. Pant saves a four twice in a row at gully with lightning reactions, but England still keep it ticking over.

Stokes attempts a reverse flick with the last ball but it was never on, in honesty. Stokes knows it, he's visibly annoyed. Six overs to go - three to Shami and three to Bumrah, you would expect. R oot manages a single off Bumrah, and the Indian bowler follows it up with a wonderful bouncer - Stokes has no idea how to play it.

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Two more dots follow, and England need more than this. Root manages to guide one to third man for a single off the final ball, but that is a very, very good over from Bumrah. To only go for three with seven overs remaining is a top effort.

How India's Economy Is Growing At A Faster Pace Than China

S tokes is really going after Chahal. Stocks tries the same again but only manages a single as it was straight to the fielder. Root, too, goes for the same area, and Pandya looks to have it covered, but he could not stop it with his legs and it goes for four. Root scampers for a quick single to cover, before Stokes punches two through the off side and then they run hard for three. Stokes plays one off his hips and Bumrah goes for 8 - you feel Kohli might have wanted a bit better than that at this stage. S tokes goes with the spin and sweeps Chahal for four towards backward square, following up with a single.

Root then dabs one to mid-wicket for one before an extraordinary shot from Stokes: it is a reverse-sweep slog for six over point, a great way to build back some momentum! Root nabs a single to end the over. R oot faces Pandya, driving him for two and pulling for a single. Stokes bags a single with a cut to backward point, which Root follows up with a single of his own.

Stokes, too, runs for one. Buttler is still waiting, padded up, remember. After two dot balls he reverse-sweeps beautifully down to third man for four, and then follows-up with a rapidly run two. Stokes nabs another two through mid-wicket and the blocks the final ball comfortably. P andya returns and it's only three off the over. India's bowling attack has improved immeasurably over the past ten overs. I cannot remember the last time we saw a truly bad ball.

Kuldeep ended up going for just over seven an over in the end. Considering how economical his last few overs were, it shows how expensive he was to begin with. S hami has been the man to drag India back into this, there is no doubt. Another very tight over yields just two runs for England, one for each batsman.

England's run rate is now down to 5. They have lost a bit of momentum here, but it's not panic stations by any means. Rahul is still off, but because he has an external injury he will be able to bat anywhere. The third umpire has confirmed, however, that because the injury was external and not internal, he can bat anywhere,. K uldeep's over begins with a mix-up between England's batsmen, but they both end up safe.

Stokes gets off the mark with a push to mid off for a single. Kuldeep then finds a little bit of turn, glancing Stokes's outside edge. That's also Kuldeep done, he struggled to begin with but improved as the morning progressed, taking the key wicket of Roy. S hami is bowling well here.

Morgan never looked comfortable before the wicket - lacking feet movement and wafting at anything outside off. Root sees off the rest of the over but it's a wicket maiden. Stokes will be on strike next - let's hope he brought his batting shoes from Lord's I t's the short ball again that does for the England captain - and it's Shami again too.

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He tries to swipe at one and softly top edges down to fine leg. It's another simple catch for Jadhav and you sense that a tide might be turning here. K uldeep is back on at Root here - he's been struggling to get the ball away. He rallies, however, with a quick single, wonderfully backed up by skipper Morgan. Morgan does not look entirely comfortable against Kuldeep, but he does shut out the over with a single to get off the mark.

S hami has raised his game here - he did look dangerous this morning and you sense that this is a crucial period for England.

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Morgan and Root absolutely have to steady the ship here - less than would not be enough. Shami steams in and bounces a couple to Root but England's Test captain thankfully does not bite. O h Jonny - that's a poor shot. He just horizontally wafted his bat and hoped for the best. And it is Shami to make an impact.

England had decelerated a bit in the last few overs, too, so Root and Morgan will need to steady the ship here. A much better over from Chahal, just two off it and a single for Root. India will not want these two to start building a partnership, though, otherwise things could get ugly. Speaking of which, Shami is coming back.

Probably earlier than they might have wanted but he bowled well at the start of the day. P andya gets one to nip back in to Root - there was a noise but it was definitely pad. No inside edge and too high for LBW so correctly not reviewed. Root then gets one away to mid on for two, before Bairstow guides one down to third man for a single. I ndia do persevere with Kuldeep, with slightly more success. Just two runs off it as Root struggled to get it away. A quieter over for England - it's clear that they are much more willing to go after the spinners than Pandya. Bairstow and Root still keeping the scoreboard ticking over, though, with a few singles.

They are still going at just over seven an over. B airstow pushes through for a single, pushing on to Root threads a single to mid wicket and England's man of the moment returns to the strike. And he nearly does something very silly, too. He attempts a tentative pull to a shorter ball and nearly gloves it to Dhoni - no contact, phew.

Ten fours and six sixes in the 90 deliveries. Did England ever need that and, after his vociferous week, what a time for him to back up the chat. I ndia's sole wicket-taker, Kuldeep, returns. And Bairstow reverse-sweeps him elegantly down to third man for four.

England exchange singles and keep things ticking over nicely. B umrah comes back on - Root was not comfortable facing him in the Test series.

How to Apply for Indian Tourist Visa from USA

Bairstow's ability to glancingly guide the ball into gaps behind square has not gone under the radar, either. It has kept him ticking over. I t was a shrewd move by Kohli to put a fielder of Jadeja's calibre down at long on - it was a great grab. Regardless, Roy's contribution was a strong one, but let's hope that Root can push on now.

Rahul's fielding replacement Jadeja takes a great catch and India have their breakthrough. P andya comes back after a more economical previous over. Roy attempts to thrash him through the off side but the ball beats the bat completely. Roy times one sweetly to mid wicket but only manages a single. Bairstow chips one to mid on but escapes again before Roy pinches a rapid single that results in a direct hit. He is well safe, however.

B airstow has gone after Kuldeep again and thumps him for six, again down to long on.

India vs Sri Lanka: We can beat India and end World Cup on a high, says Dhananjaya de Silva

It only just clears the ropes but he will not mind. England run very well for two as Bairstow approaches his century. They trade singles before one just misses Bairstow's outside edge. R oy is looking comfortable now as he finds two through the covers. But then Pandya flings a slower one at him and he looks a little subdued. Roy finds a single at point and then Bairstow shows a touch of frailty as he scoops one towards mid-off, but it evades the fielder. T hat was not a good over from Kuldeep - 11 off it. Roy and Bairstow trade singles before Bairstow hits his fifth six - and it's his biggest one yet.

They are going after the spinners at 7. And Pandya is coming back on to try and stem the tide. E ngland's earlier shakiness has settled slightly and they have started to go after the spinners. But Chahal fights back valiantly, with more variety. Five dot balls, with a couple of tenuous LBW shouts, but slightly flatter and quicker, causing Bairstow problems. It was looking like a maiden, but then Bairstow gets back in his crease and nails Chahal over deep mid-wicket for six. K uldeep continues after the drinks break. England find gaps in the field to keep the scoreboard ticking.

And then - huuuuge! R oy flails at Chahal's opener - it could have gone anywhere and if he'd have got more on it, it would have gone straight to the man at deep point. But then Bairstow brings up his fifty with a lofty on drive for six. It only just made it, however - a metre shorter and it would have been caught by Rahul at long on.

Kohli has put an extra man down at long on following that. It deosn't matter, however, as Bairstow nails another one down there for 6. England are into overdrive now. K uldeep comes on for Pandya. An opening dot ball lulls us into a false sense of security, as the next ball is walloped majestically by Roy, straight over the bowler's head for four, a few metres away from clearing the rope on the full.

Kuldeep then pitches one too full and Bairstow laps it up, smashing a four down to deep mid-wicket. England's openers run three following another Bairstow punch. E ngland have changed gear here. Chahal tightens up at the end of the over, however, with Bairstow forced to go on the defensive. P andya is struggling here. Bairstow thrashes one square for four, then lofts one straight over Pandya's head to the boundary too. Sumptuous technique; lovely straight bat. Roy nabs a single - he has now bettered all of James Vince's scores in this tournament, so I'd say he was worth the risk. This is the slowest ever 50 partnership between Roy and Bairstow, incidentally, but they will not care.

India are under pressure here - how much will they regret that lack of review? C hahal comes back to greater success. England's openers trade singles before Chahal gets one to slide past Bairstow's bat. Bairstow then absolutely nails one to mid-wicket - perfectly timed - but it is straight to a fielder so only yields a single. P andya has come on for Bumrah - this might be England's opportunity to push on. Pandya loves a short ball and he gets straight into it, beating Roy's attempted hook; the England batsman was far too early with his swing.

Roy nabs a single and a leg bye before getting himself in a hairy situation: there's a hint of contact with the glove and India choose not to review after umpire Dar signals a wide. It would have been out. He then nails one for six over wide long off, before getting away with a lofty cover drive that evades the mid off fielder. It runs for four and England are scoring runs, but have not looked per cent comfortable. A nd that last over did for Chahal as Shami returns.

He makes an immediate impact as Roy looks to obliterate him back over his head but the ball beats him entirely. Roy blocks the next few before dabbing a quick single to backward point, before Bairstow blocks the final delivery. I probably did not give that last Roy shot the credit it deserved. Not meaning to jinx it, but the risk to go with Roy looks to have been a worthwhile one for England. T here was some turn for Chahal in the first over, so I think India are right to stick with him.

Bairstow nabs a quick single. Roy, incidentally, got struck on the glove in the last over, but he seems OK. The final ball gets pumped through mid-wicket for four, too. I think his hand is probably fine. India have bowled well, so I think England will be fairly happy with this start despite a few awkward moments. B umrah has changed ends in an attempt to bring the ball back in to the right-hander, and his variety is causing England a few problems.

So far we have counted 86 England fans at Edgbaston..

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C hahal comes on at first change. Roy scuttles away for a single with another nice off drive, before Bairstow swipes him down to long on - it was inches away from clearing the boundary rope for six. Chahal then gets one to bounce and turn, beating Bairstow's bat before he edges for two. Nothing lacks conviction in Bairstow's game at the minute. He either convincingly scores runs, or he convincingly looks all at sea - there is no middle ground.

S hami gets another one to glance past the inside edge. India's preparations for the nation Commonwealth games, which are scheduled to open in Delhi on October 3rd, have not won favourable reviews. At best—assuming that the organisers make a last-minute dash to spruce things up—the Delhi games will be remembered as a shambles.

The contrast with China's practically flawless hosting of the Olympic games in could hardly be starker. Many people will draw the wrong lesson from this. A big sporting event, some people believe, tells you something important about the nation that hosts it. Efficient countries build tip-top stadiums and make the shuttle buses run on time. That India cannot seem to do any of these things suggests that it will always be a second-rate power. Or does it? Despite the headlines, India is doing rather well.

Its economy is expected to expand by 8. It has a long way to go before it is as rich as China—the Chinese economy is four times bigger—but its growth rate could overtake China's by , if not before see article. Some economists think India will grow faster than any other large country over the next 25 years. Rapid growth in a country of 1. There are two reasons why India will soon start to outpace China. One is demography.

We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage

China's workforce will shortly start ageing; in a few years' time, it will start shrinking. That's because of its one-child policy—an oppressive measure that no Indian government would get away with. Indira Gandhi tried something similar in the s, when she called a state of emergency and introduced a forced-sterilisation programme. There was an uproar of protest. Democracy was restored and coercive population policies were abandoned. India is now blessed with a young and growing workforce. Its dependency ratio—the proportion of children and old people to working-age adults—is one of the best in the world and will remain so for a generation.

The second reason for optimism is India's much-derided democracy. The notion that democracy retards development in poor countries has gained currency in recent years. Certainly, it has its disadvantages. Elected governments bow to the demands of selfish factions and interest groups.

Even the most urgent decisions are endlessly debated and delayed.