Italian Aces of WWII

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KIA 30 October [17]. Robert Whittle. Bobby Gibbes. Virgil Brennan. Edward Coate. John Cock. John Curchin. James Kearney.

Category:Flying aces of World War II (Italy)

Colin Parkinson. Norman Williams. Wilfred Arthur. John Jackson. KIA 28 April [20]. Kenneth McDonald. John Pain. John Perrin. Alan Rawlinson. Ian Russell. KIA 1 June [21]. Gordon Steege. William Storey.

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Rex Wilson. KIA 9 December [22]. John Bartle. John Bisley. Alan Boyd. John Boyd. KIA 14 May [23]. Gregory Graham. Keith Hampshire. Rudolf Leu.

Italian Aces of World War 2

Gordon Tweedale. KIA 9 May [25]. Russell Foskett. KIA 31 October [26]. Roderick Bowes. KIA 21 May [27]. Keith Chisholm. Alexander Constantine.

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Robert Cowper. Score includes one V-1 flying bomb [5]. Walter Mailey.

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Gordon Olive. Thomas Paxton. Stewart Rees. John Saunders.

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KIA 22 November [28]. Desmond Sheen. Ronald Simes. KIA 9 January [29]. Donald Smith.

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Raymond Thorold-Smith. KIA 15 March [30]. Geoffrey Atherton. Maxwell Bell. KIA 9 September [31].

Robert Bungey. Died 10 June [32]. Bobby Bunting. Henry Burney. Alan Cameron. Alfred Clare.


The CR. Drawing on research from a range of sources, this book examines the extensive employment of the Italian fighter plane during the course of World War II. Biographical Note. He runs one of the internet's oldest and largest sites surfcity. He has been in contact with numerous pilot veterans, and their families, over the past two decades, unearthing first-hand accounts and other invaluable material relating to their often forgotten wartime exploits.

Ludovico Slongo is a promising aviation historian based in the Italian city of Padova. He has been researching the history of military aviation during the World War 2 for more than 15 years, focusing on pilots, units and operations of the Italian Regia Aeronautica. You may also be interested in the following product s. Spitfire V vs C. More info. Military History. Subscribe to our newsletter. Subscribe To see how we use this information about you and how you can unsubscribe from our newsletter subscriptions, view our Privacy Policy. Related Content.