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This format and process maps within our experience and thinking at Fishbowl as well. Clearly this essential trait, followed by its companion strengths, has been the secret weapon for many strong leaders and firms. Her position prevailed. How do your own leadership skills measure up in these key areas, and particularly in 1? Would you rank yourself as strong, exceptionally strong, or as needing growth in strategic perspective?

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Where do you stand in the other five areas Erika brings forward as the additional critical keys? This strategy has helped to ensure that the principles I value are the principles others will also use to guide and govern their teams.

Leading So People Will Follow

In this respect, it is possible to create an organization with a growing number of leaders. The approach has led to a rhythm and cadence that allows us to work together fluidly. We have many leaders, many growing leaders, and little to no need for followers in a model like this. In summary, I have highly enjoyed Erika's book.

She has provided me—and can provide you also—with some excellent food for thought. You can pre-order her new book through Amazon. I am the founder and chairman of DKW Ventures.

I am a serial entrepreneur, have led divisions and companies and a C-level executive for companies ranging from startups t We've found that people look for six characteristics in deciding whether to align around a leader. Here's what that looks like in the day-to-day of entrepreneurial life. Being far-sighted means you see and share a clear and compelling vision of the future with your people -- staff, partners, investors.

Leading So People Will Follow

You see past obstacles and difficulties and focus on moving toward the future you all want to create. As a passionate leader, your followers know what you stand for, and that you'll stick to your guns even when the going gets tough. At the same time, you're open to hearing their questions and concerns.

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You are committed without being dogmatic. Being courageous means you make tough, necessary decisions even when doing so is uncomfortable or risky.


And if a decision turns out badly, you'll take full responsibility: admit your mistakes, apologize, and work to fix what's wrong. Being wise means you combine curiosity and objectivity.

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Your team can come to you for counsel, because they know that you're reflective about important decisions and that you learn from your mistakes. As a generous leader, you believe in your folks, provide balanced feedback, share credit, and teach what you know. As a result, your people can take on bigger and bigger roles in helping you grow the business.

Being trustworthy makes you a rock and a haven for your followers. They know you'll always do your best to tell them the truth and to keep confidences.

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