Linear B and Related Scripts

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Linear B and its Decipherment: Records of Mycenaean Civilization : History of Information

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How an American Linguist Helped Unlock the Secrets of Linear B

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Linear A Script

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Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Linear B, was also developed in order to facilitate the high organization level of the ancient Minoan society, containing words and numbers that concerned legal, financial, and religious topics, revealing a detailed palatial bureaucracy, where the palace administration recorded everything it did or failed to do respectively. Arthur Evans, the archaeologist who excavated the Palace of Knossos, discovered the first Linear B tablets in At first the numerical system of the Linear B was revealed, however, the formation of Linear B itself remained a mystery for decades….

It was no earlier than the beginning of the s that the linguist and architect Michael Ventris managed to decrypt the Linear B Script, with the valuable help of the linguist John Chadwick. Together, they discovered that Linear B was a written form of Greek language recorded many centuries before Homer, and it was actually the first written European language. The creative and innovative architectural design of Avra Imperial Hotel is largely inspired by the structural features of the Minoan palaces whereas engraved Linear B symbols can be found on the floors and walls of the rooms, all public spaces and the surrounding grounds of the hotel.

During your stay at Avra Imperial Hotel and all Avra Collection properties, you will have the opportunity to identify the main elements characterizing the Minoan Civilization and the Linear B Script, discovering lots of fascinating facts about the first written language in Europe. For more information relating to the ancient Cretan scripts, you can also read the Linear B leaflet, and discover the meaning of the different Linear B inscriptions around the hotel. This website uses cookies to improve browsing.