Principles and methods of plant breeding

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Synthetics and composites — production procedures — merits, demerits and achievements — factors determining the performance of synthetic varieties — comparison between synthetics and composites. Population improvement — selection without progeny testing — selection with progeny testing — progeny selection — merits and demerits of progeny selection — line breeding — achievements Plant Breeding Pdf. Recurrent selection — different types — detailed procedure of simple recurrent selection and brief description of other recurrent selection methods — conclusion on the efficiency of different selection schemes.

Methods of breeding for vegetatively propagated crops — clone — characteristics of asexually propagated crops — characteristics of clones — importance of a clone — sources of clonal selection — procedure — advantages and disadvantages — problems in breeding asexually propagated crops — genetic variation within a clone — clonal degeneration — achievements — comparison among clones, purelines and inbreds. Mutation breeding — spontaneous and induced mutations — characteristic features of mutations — procedure of mutation breeding — applications — advantages, limitations and achievements.

Polyploidy — autopolyploids — origin and production — morphological and cytological features of autopolyploids — applications of autopolyploidy in crop improvement — limitations of autopolyploidy — segregation in autotetraploids — allopolyploidy — morphological and cytological features of allopolyploids — applications of allopolyploidy in crop improvement — limitations of allopolyploidy Plant Breeding Pdf. References In Plant Breeding Pdf. Allard, R. Principles of Plant Breeding.

John Wiley and Sons, New York.

Plant Breeding Principles And Methods

Phundan Singh, Essentials of Plant Breeding. Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi. Poehlman, J. Breeding Asian Field Crops. Sharma, J. Principles and Practice of Plant Breeding.

Singh, B. Plant Breeding: Principles and Methods. Support Us On Social Sites. Quarantine Page. Topic 6 Reproduction and Pollination Systems in plants. Mode of reproduction in plants Page. Natural vegetative propagation methods Page. Sub-aerial modification of stem Page.

Other plants Page. Apomixis Page. Sexual reproduction Page. Classification of incomplete flowers Page. Mode of Pollination Page. Mechanisms favoring self pollination: Page. Mechanisms favouring cross pollination Page. Classification of crops as per the pollination Page. Determination of pollination in plants Page. Estimation cross pollination in plants Page. Topic 7 Self Incompatibility. Self incompatibility Page. Homomorphic system Page.

Sporophytic incompatibility Page. Uses of incompatibility Page. Pseudo-compatibility Page. Mechanism of self incompatibility Page. Topic 8 Apomixis. Introduction Page. Types of apomixis Page. Apospory Page.

Development of apomictic embryo Page. Genetics of apomixes Page. Advantages of apomixis Page. Uses of apomixis in plant breeding Page. Exploitation of apomixis in crop improvement Page. Detection of apomixes Page. Maintenance and transfer of apomixes Page. Topic 9 Self Pollination.

Genetic implications of cross-pollination Page. Examples of predominantly cross-pollinated species Page. Topic 10 Qualitative and quantitative characters. Economically important characters Page. Environment and quantitative variation Page. Polygenic inheritance Page. Gene action Page. Components of Genetic Variance Page. Concept of heritability Page. Types of heritability Page. Factors affecting heritability estimates Page. Topic 11 Male sterility and types of male sterility. Genetic male sterility Page.


Cytoplasmic male sterility Page. Cytoplasmic Genetic Male Sterility Page. Production of Hybrid seed Page. Topic 12 Breeding methods for self pollinated crops. Plant breeding methods Page. Methods of breeding autogamous crops Page. Topic 13 Pur line selection , Mass selection. Pure Line Theory Page.

Origin of variation in purelines Page. Uses of Pure line Page. Procedure for Pure line selection Page. Mass Selection Page. Merits and demerits of Mass Selection Page. Comparison of pure line and mass selections Page. Topic 14 Hybridization, pedigree method. Aims of Hybridization Page. Types of Hybridization Page. Procedure of developing hybrid variety Page.

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Pedigree method Page. Merits and Demerits of pedigree method Page. Topic 15 Bulk method and single seed descent method. Introduction: Bulk Method Page. Application of bulk method Page. Procedure for Bulk method Page. Single seed descent method Page.

Comparison of pedigree and Bulk method Page. Topic 16 Back Cross Breeding. Requirement of back cross breeding Page. Applications of back cross breeding Page. Procedure for transfer of dominant gene Page. Transfer of a recessive gene Page. Merits and Demerits of Back cross breeding Page. Comparison of back cross and pedigree method Page. Topic 17 Hardy Weinberg law. Ext Principles, Methods and Strategies in Extension. Math Elementary Calculus I. Bio Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology. Bot Plant Biochemistry.

Plant Systematics. Breeding Horticultural Crops. Breeding Field Crops. Techniques in Plant Breeding. PPATH Principles of Plant Pathology. ENTOM