Proverbs: Wisdom for Living (Six Weeks with the Bible)

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Yet every day I have a choice to build up my family or to tear them down with my words, my actions, and my choices.

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I remember one of the Good morning and welcome to Week 3 in our Walking In Wisdom study! This week the focus is on relationships. Our lives are made up of various kinds of relationships - at work, at home, at church, at school, at the park, and at the store, just to name a few. We interact Speech is a beautiful gift.

It distinguishes us from all earthly creations. With tears streaming down her face one of my daughters ran into my bathroom one morning as I was getting ready. She called me a name and it hurt my feelings. I said it, and I couldn't take it back. In the heat of the moment on a demanding, dreary day and on much too little sleep I had let my guard down and the anger in my heart slipped out through words that I would immediately regret.

The recipient of those harsh words? If you are joining us for this study then it is safe to assume that you desire to be a wise person.

You want wisdom to be so much a part of you that it pours out of your life by way of your thoughts, words and actions. I will also assume that if you are human then you We called it the Faith Course. They played big ball volleyball on the sand court and wrestled over a greased watermelon in the lake. Those adventurous girls got We live in a day where knowledge is plentiful. Self-help books line row after row in our bookstores and libraries. TV shows are dedicated to sharing expert advice on everything from marriage problems, raising children, to how to lead a happy, healthy life.

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Some choices are as basic as deciding what we should eat for lunch, and other choices carry heavy commitments that can deeply affect our relationships, our Our online Sign Up. She has both taught and challenged them with her materials.

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Nielson's love for the biblical text and her desire to convey its meaning in its context coupled with her literary acumen and engagement with everyday life have given the church a magnificent resource. Simply the very best! Kathleen Nielson uses her great love and understanding of literature to lead us into rich study of Holy Scripture.

Her studies highlight the importance of meditation and self-discovery while providing just enough gentle guidance always to steer us to the Good Shepherd as our hope and strength. Kathleen Nielson is a born teacher. In these studies she strikes a wise balance between providing Bible students what they need to know, and wooing them into the study of the biblical text for themselves. Not only will they gain a deeper understanding of what God has to say to us in the Scriptures; they will also see more clearly what difference He expects this truth to make in our lives.

Our ladies have used the Colossians and the Proverbs work books and I have found them true to scriptures as well as very instructional in every way. Nielson has a unique way of explaining the scriptures while instructing the student in the tools of independent, inductive bible study.

Proverbs: 8-Week Series – Junior High Ministry

Kathleen Nielson has given us a series of superb guides to in-depth Bible study. Her studies bring together sound insights from the Scriptures and practical wisdom for daily Christian living. Kathleen Nielson has a special gift for understanding the Bible as literature, which makes her a superb guide for understanding any passage in the Old or New Testament.

She is also a big-picture thinkinger who sees how each part of the Bible fits into the whole story of salvation. Her practical, Christ-centered Bible study guides will help you dig deeper into the Scriptures and go deeper in the knowledge of God. Kathleen Nielson's Bible studies provide a veritable feast for those who hunger and thirst for God's Word.

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With rich insight and wisdom, she invites her students 'to grapple with the text' as she provides helpful contexts and comments interspersed throughout stimulating study questions. I highly recommend them. She asks great questions that invite us to pause and think about literary form, meaning in words and phrases, and the big picture in the overall text.

She does this in an inductive format that is engaging and challenging. Colossians is no exception to her excellent series of studies.

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Proverbs - Week 1, Day 1 - The Gospel Truth

Click Image to Zoom. Description Author eBooks Proverbs: Wisdom for Living looks at portions of the book of Proverbs and helps readers apply that wisdom to their lives today.