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AU's spirit is captured through the people, places, and events on campus and in DC. Incoming first-year students participate in Group Caucus icebreakers during Eagle Summit. The American flag and the American University flag wave in the summer breeze. A female student walks out of Mary Graydon Center toward the Quad.

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Five students meet their First-Year Advisor and watch a presentation on student success. Groups of Eagle Summit attendees lounge around the Quad.

A diverse group of first-year students and their orientation leaders participate in a Group Caucus session, one of many icebreaker activities during Eagle Summit. American University offers a variety of doctoral programs to prepare you for careers in academia, research, or clinical practice.

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Our PhD graduates work at prestigious institutions in the U. Explore the programs we offer:.

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From ballerina to professional chef to earning two degrees at American University, Annelise Straw is not your average student. The largest school at American University, the College of Arts and Sciences features more than degree programs that span the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

Our diverse, scholarly community offers outstanding opportunities for hands-on interdisciplinary research, internships, and creative expression. Visit CAS. Students gain real-world experience through programs grounded in experiential learning and expert faculty that prepare them to lead in all sectors of business: public, private, and nonprofit. Visit Kogod. From journalism to strategic communication to independent filmmaking and games, the School of Communication inspires tomorrow's digital storytellers.

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Students learn to produce media that matter with the support of faculty who have received the highest honors in their professional field, including Academy and Emmy awards and the Pulitzer Prize. Visit SOC. With a vibrant community and passion for change, the School of Education is dedicated to creating and ensuring excellent learning experiences for every child.

Through cutting-edge research, innovative outreach programs, and the development of inspiring coursework, students address the most challenging issues in the field. Visit SOE.

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They demonstrate emerging evidence of the ability to make inferences. They comprehend texts focused on relevant real-world topics of general interest. Question Types. All exam items are based on an authentic audio or video clip, or a print text.

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  4. Each set of items consists of at least 5 and typically no more than multiple choice items. The questions that make up an item set target a range of skills. Each item set has at least one question in which students are asked to identify the main idea, 2 to 3 items in which students identify supporting details, and at least one question to project beyond the text, e. The item set may also include a question focused on vocabulary.

    Answering these types of questions involves skills and strategies that are critical to comprehension: Skimming a text to get the main idea; scanning to identify details; and inferring, a higher-level skill to develop deeper understanding. These higher-order, or critical thinking skills are assessed to a greater extent in Level 3 and Level 4, but questions assessing critical thinking are also included in the Level 1 and 2 exams.

    Whether they are practicing for the Exam, or engaging with any audio, video, or print materials in the interpretive mode of communication, students should encounter questions that move them from getting the main idea and identifying details, to making inferences and projecting beyond the text. Main idea. Supporting detail. Identifying supporting details refers to understanding specific and significant pieces of information found in the text.

    Supporting detail questions often involve identifying who, what, when and where , and, especially when the source material is a chart or graph, how much. Comprehending vocabulary refers to recognizing familiar words and also to understanding the meaning of words or phrases that may not be familiar.

    These questions ask students to: - Identify the correct synonym for a word in the text - Interpret a phrase or idiomatic expression - Derive the meaning of a word from its context. Making inferences refers to contextualizing, interpreting, and understanding a text. Identifying the primary intended audience refers to extrapolating for whom the text was created.

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    These questions typically ask students to identify who might be interested in listening, viewing or reading the text or who might benefit from the information in the text. The National German Exam is delivered in electronic format compatible with Windows and Apple operating systems and various web browsers. Students will need access to a computer connected to the internet in order to take the exam.

    The Taking of America 1 2 3 on The Hagmann Report with Dave Hodges 2/22/16

    Headphones or earbuds are required for students to complete the audio portion of the exam. The online delivery system allows for the inclusion of video clips as source material for the exam. Students will be able to pause audio and video materials, and replay portions as many times as they wish within the allotted time. Practice Exams for levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 are available on our website.

    The Practice Exams reflect the structure and functionality of the NGE, which allows students to gain familiarity with the Exam and teachers to test the Exam's functionality in advance on the devices that will be used. The Administration Manual will be available for download here on October 1, How Results are Reported. National German Exam results provide a means of comparing students in all regions of the country.

    The results also serve as a diagnostic tool to inform curricular decisions. Teachers receive printable Results reports, detailed Skills reports, along with printable individual student reports. The Results Report includes student raw scores as well as their Percentile rankings, which indicate the performance of an individual student in comparison to all students who took the National German Exam across the US.

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    The Skills Report provides information on how students performed on specific question types, such as identifying main ideas, comprehending idiomatic expressions, and making inferences. This report is provided to help teachers better understand where their students did well and where students may need more instruction. Honoring students. The National German Exam provides an excellent opportunity to highlight student success and promote German. Free downloadable certificates to recognize student performance are available. Certificate Seals are available in our store. Remember Me. About the Journals Online Access.

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